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Défis Nature - Animaux Préhistoriques

Défis Nature - Animaux Préhistoriques

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  • Description

    Défis Nature is a quick and educational nature themed card game.

    The goal is to hold all the cards of the game.
    for shorter games, players can choose a playing time and the winner is the player with the most cards in hands at the end.

    Each card shows an animal with some infos and four or five caracteristics (depending of the edition).
    The first player choose a caracteristic (for exemple "speed") and lays a card, in turn each player lays a card and the player with the highest value in this caracteristic win all the cards of this turn and starts a new one.

    the Cards are classified in 4 categories, from "safe" to "critically endangered" species.
    The 3 "in danger" categories allow to change the choosen caracteristic of the turn (in order of priority)