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Connect 4 Cut the Rope edition

Connect 4 Cut the Rope edition

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  • Description

    The award-winning CUT THE ROPE app is brought to life with CONNECT 4 CUT THE ROPE. OM NOM is a curious little monster who loves to eat candy. But you need to get the pretend treats into his mouth first. Swing the rope to land 4 candy discs in a row. First to four gets to release the goodies and feed OM NOM!

    Feed OM NOM with 4 in a row

    It’s CONNECT 4 play with CUT The ROPE action! OM NOM is at the bottom of the grid, just waiting for some delicious candies to drop. Can you CUT THE ROPE to get 4 candies in a row? Just place your disc in the rope, pull back and then let go! Try to land your discs to make 4 in a row. If you’re the first player to get 4 in a row, you get to drop the candies to feed OM NOM.

    Let your candies fly!